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  Milan, 3rd August 2020....

testata marcasalmayor.es

noi ci siamo anche ad agosto 

Open all August!

Dear customer,

While the whole world of business is changing to what is called "the new normality", we are facing a phase of big challanges, consumers habits and supply chain are also quickly adapting, but there is one thing you can bet it will remain untouched: you can always count on marcasalmayor.es for your business!

Also in August, #BusinessAsUsual

  • Wholesale and B2B services run 24/7 on pur platform, while both Logistics and Customers Care will assist you like always from Monday to Friday: shipping and deliveries will run as usual!
  • Dropshippping service will be up & running; some partners will close but we have already set all our dataflows to automatic update stocks based on suppliers holidays, the only thing you might notice will be stocks will increase and/or decrease more often than usual.



Emanuele, Alessia, Greta, Francesca, Alessandra, Valeria, Evelina, Giuseppe, Mauro


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